Do you want to jump into
summer full of beans, loving
your body and your life?

Imagine how much more self-confidence you'd have, how positive you'd feel.
You'd be able to effortlessly do things you hadn't been able to do before, truly enjoy your life, do more of what you love, and take those steps to get you closer and closer to your dream life!

WOW! What a summer!

Introducing…the key to your best summer yet:

Work personally with me to come face to face with your most energetic, positive self ever!

I'll share practical tips, advice and ideas to find the right food that works with your own budget, time, schedule and personality.

Together we'll map out a diet that gets you eating what you want, that suits your lifestyle perfectly and makes you look and feel amazing.

I want to Spring into My Best Summer Yet. How does it work?

One-to-one telephone calls – an hour long; you choose how many work for you. This is where the magic happens; together we'll work our your perfect diet, I'll come to you overflowing with tips, tricks, recipes, ideas and inspiration for how to get you bounding with energy and overcoming all the previous diet obstacles you've had.

Free email support – covering the period of your one to one calls plus an extra 7 days afterwards. Email me when you have questions, need a recipe, some advice, a bit of encouragement, or you've hit a stumbling block.

12 Top Tips to Lighten & Energise Your Diet & Life poster – tips to bring some sunshine into your kitchen and life. Stick it up to keep you on track!

This offer is for you if…

  • you want to feel less tired, lighter and have plenty of energy.
  • you are looking forward to summer and you want to spring into it looking and feeling awesome.
  • you are ready to let some light and inspiration into your diet, organising it so it works for you.
  • you want one-to-one help from someone who's been there and learnt how to hone their own diet to bring them energy, health and vibrancy.

Special fast-action bonus:

Sign up before 8pm BST (UK time) on Tuesday 1st May 2012 and also receive the Light Touch ecookbook, an invaluable companion to the Spring into Summer program. 20 pages of simple, energising vegan food with easy to follow instructions and full colour photos. These tasty and exciting easy to make sugar, salt, animal produce and wheat-free recipes again and again will power you forward!


Got questions? Email alison@pathlesstrodden or book your free 15 minute Spring into Summer Consultation here.

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