Could you do with more energy?
Do you want a simple, animal-free way
of lightening up your diet?
How about 15 tasty, easy-to-follow,
wheat and sugar-free recipes?

If your answer is 'Yes, please!'
Light Touch – simple, energising vegan food
is for you!
In this 20-page cookbook you will learn:
    • How to make tasty, satisfying vegan food
    • Delicious wheat replacements
    • Quick, easy and fun raw recipes that really satisfy
    • The ultimate way to prepare whole grains
    • How to make vegan, wheat and sugar-free muffins
    • Simple, energising food combinations to
       lighten body and mind
    • 12 tips to brighten and energise your diet and life

"What a revelation!"
Lucie Storrs on Light Touch's
Gently Cooked Grains
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