Have you 'fallen' into a life and don't quite know how you ended up where you are?

Do you realise you aren't satisfied by society's 'norms'?

Is now the time to reclaim your life and start living it on your terms?

How do you feel when you think about your life?

Do you wish you were doing the things you always wanted - that excite, engage and allow you to give?

Do you wonder how on earth you ended up where you are?

Does your current life leave you lacking in energy and unfulfilled; the thought of being where you are in 10 years’ time filling you with dread? Do you know deep down you are meant to be doing something else, your life wasn’t supposed to pan out like this? Do you long to give, be, do and feel so much more, living a life aligned with the things you believe in deep down?

I know how you feel.

Hi, I'm Alison founder of Path Less Trodden.

I spent the first half of my life working hard, striving to be successful. I followed the path that I thought would make me happy; went after the things that we're taught are what life's about.

I worked my way up the career ladder and by 25 was in a job envied by my peers, working for Microsoft, earning a great salary, living a comfortable lifestyle. I drove a BMW, owned a house with my then-husband, went on holidays and did whatever I wanted.

Yet, there was a huge hole inside me. I wasn't happy. My heart sank every morning when driving in the 2000-plus-car car park signalled the course of the next 8 hours of my life. I felt dead inside; drained of all energy, spending my days in the air-conditioned, multi-meetinged, world. I felt cold, empty, unfulfilled and sad.

Deep down, I knew there were so many other things I was passionate about. There was so much more that I could be and do. But I was scared - people like me just didn't do the things I dreamt about.

Yet now, I look back on that time as if it was another world. I've quit corporate and brought what I most love to the world - creating my own online business, I do work that doesn't feel like work every day - writing, creating, coaching. I ended my marriage and found a beautiful relationship that supports me 100%. I left England to move to the land of my dreams - Italy - and I currently work and play at my home under the stunning Mediterranean sun.

I chose to step out of the life I had fallen into and created a new one form the ground up - one where I say what's important, where I create the rules, where I live for what I believe in, and where I feel alive and free. I've forged my own path - and it's so much more creative, joyous and beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

If you are fed up with fitting into someone else's mould and want to create your own life, I'm here to share with you how I did it, I'll give you all the self-belief, insight, practical tools and guidance you need to create your life by design.


Imagine...waking every morning excited about the day ahead and resting your head on the pillow every night knowing you'd given life your all. Imagine...the complete joy and satisfaction of giving, being and doing everything you've ever dreamt of. Imagine...working and playing by your rules, using your unique talents and bringing what you most long for to the world. Imagine...knowing that you no longer have to interact with everyone else's norms, letting go of those chains and having your days filled with things that you love. Imagine...the freedom, peace, satisfaction and joy that creating your life by design will bring.


I know because I've done it and I help people follow their passions and transform their lives every day.

Life By Design, will guide you, step by step, through the journey of identifying, designing and creating your life by your rules, guiding you to move out of your frustration and step up and claim everything you have ever dreamt of.

This program will leave you:

Totally clear on what you stand for, what's vital for your life and what you want to create in the world
Aware of how your unique gifts, path and story will create your future
Having defined what you want in all areas of your life and be actively working towards it
Knowing how to consistently focus on what you want to create, freeing yourself from 'shoulds' and letting go of the past
Clear on what's stopped you in the past and able to make this time different
Confident in expressing the real you. With the sure belief that you can create whatever you want and being able to see a clear path to your life lived by your rules
Radiating hope, vision, focus, motivation and authentic self-belief
With practical routines and tools that will support you, life-long, to live life by your design
Connected to your own strength, knowing how to maintain that going forwards

This is a virtual program - available for your to start whenever you are ready. Life By Design includes over 5 hours of in-person training with me including supporting, detailed guides and worksheets, and you can get going on it right away!

Here's what we'll cover:

Session 1 - Understanding Your Unique Purpose & Building Strong Foundations

  • Why society's definition of success isn't all it's cracked up to be and how living by your own rules will bring you ultimate satisfaction
  • Giving you total belief that you have the ability to create your life your way from this moment forwards
  • Identify and become profoundly aware of the fundamental values that you wish to live your life by
  • Powerful questions and techniques that will allow you to honestly express your unique purpose
  • Learn a profound yet simple way to access your inherent self-knowledge so you can be guided wherever you are
  • Access the real you and understand how committing to that is your passport to the life you long for

Session 2 - Your Perfect Design; Creating Your New Reality

  • Understand why dreaming is the key to you achieving
  • Tools to get complete clarity on how you want to live your life
  • How to access the part of you that knows what will truly bring you satisfaction
  • Meeting your life's design face to face; bringing it to life
  • Letting go of the 'shoulds' and the 'hows' that have held you back
  • How to deal with obstacles that stop you realising everything you long for

Session 3 – Transforming Your Reality & Moving Forwards

  • Reveal and understand with compassion the real reasons why you haven't done this before
  • Uncover and release unconscious beliefs that have been holding you back all along
  • Craft new beliefs that will support the life you are creating
  • Supporting you to face your fears
  • Learn the key to taking right action that will enable you to get to your destination with ease
  • How to deal with self-sabotage, procrastination and many other game-stoppers

Session 4 – Making It Real and Lasting

  • Learn how to let go of people, things and routines that are holding you back
  • Develop life-long techniques that will support you to filter out the energy-draining parts of your life
  • Identify the practical steps you need to take to bring your design to life and commit to the ones you can do right now
  • How to maintain focus, motivation and persistence
  • How to build unwavering self-belief
  • How to identify and utlize the support that is all around you

Session 5 – Additional Sessions

The program will finish with an hour-long Q&A session with laser-coaching - lots of common questions and queries answered directly by me.

This stuff works. I am a completely different person because of the changes I've made to my world. I've gone from unfulfilled, fearful, cynical, angry (without knowing why), exhausted, pent up, disengaged, empty, cold and so frustrated to living a transformed life that is amazing. I've built and environment around me I love - infused by my passions and I am, give and do things only once dared to dream of. It feels totally amazing to have stood up for my values, and to have created this beautiful world around them. I now have peace of mind, I feel such freedom, I am playful and energetic. It feels so right to be living my truths, as the real me.


I have made this program available for you to start when YOU are ready and go at your own speed. Say 'YES!' to living your life the way you've always dreamed and you'll get access to over 5 hours of training, including detailed guiding worksheets which will be yours to keep forever.

There is no reason why you need to remain where you are - you can create a life on your terms and I want to see as many people doing that as possible, so I'm offering access to all of the content - the full 5 training sessions, plus all supporting material - valued at over £1000 - at a massively reduced price of just £97 Sterling.

All the insight, guidance, support and practical steps you need to reclaim your life and start living it on your terms - for just £97!


"I walked away from Corporate life this August"
"I can't remember feeling more alive"

Before I started working with Alison, I felt like I was in an airplane that suddenly hit extreme turbulence and I couldn’t find anyone that would tell me everything was going to be ok.

Through the work, I started to see how my long-held beliefs were the reason my life was in the shape it was. As the program progressed I found myself falling in love with my authenticity; my life seemed beautifully simple – not nearly as dramatic, dreary or meaningless as I thought!

I’ve made many changes and walked away from the corporate life this August and now I can say I own my own business! It's a step towards what I really want and for the first time my compass is pointed in the right direction. I'm meeting people that more closely feel like a tribe I want to be in, and my health, mind, body, and spirit are filled with the right energy. I've lost pounds, drink much less alcohol, exercise regularly, read tons of books, travel, and attend workshops on whatever interests me. I look forward to each day.

The process has pulled a thick veil away and I can see so much possibility now. I can't remember feeling more alive.

Diana Clinch

And there's more to the program that just the calls.


I've got goodies for you:

Bonus 1 - I know how much difference personal support can make to your journey, and I want to be there for you in person, so I'm also offering a free 1 on 1 Dream Architect coaching call, where you'll have me for a whole 60 minutes. I'll personally coach you - multiplying the effect of the work that you do.

Bonus 2 - In addition to the program, you'll get a complimentary ticket (valued at £197) to my next full-day UK event. These fun days happen regularly - they are where you get to be inspired by me in person, laser sharp focus on your own journey, the shift you need to move on and, importantly, meet and share with like-minds.

Bonus 3 - And, because I want you to have all the tools you need to work on yourself and your future in between and after the program, I'll also gift you a full copy of my ebook 7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams.

Bonus 4 - In addition to the practical work and guidance I’ll be sharing as part of the program, I want you to have a Life by Design tool you can dip into wherever you are, and I found the perfect companion to help you let go of the old and love the new in the letting go meditation recorded by Alison Forge author of Pocket Positivity. This will be yours to plug in to as soon as you sign up.

Bonus 5 - And remember, you'll get life-time access to the calls, which will all be recorded and also to the supporting, guiding worksheets that I've designed especially for Life By Design.


"My dreams no longer seem out of reach!"

When I came to Alison, I felt stuck, frustrated and down in the dumps. All that has changed. Things have become clear and I am confident and connected – my dreams no longer seem out of reach and I feel there are no obstacles in my way that I cannot handle!

Pam Campbell

As with all the things I create for you at Path Less Trodden, Life By Design comes with a full money-back guarantee. If, within a week of purchase, you are not happy with the content you are welcome to contact me and request a refund.

Are you fed up being stuck in a life that leaves you cold?
Take a stand for the real you - live your Life By Design.

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