You have the potential to be whoever you want to be – my coaching can help you find and become that person.
If you choose to accept the challenge we’ll take an honest look at where you are right now, identify what you don’t want around, get really clear on what you do want and then together we’ll plan out steps to get you there!
I am committed 100% to your success; I want to see you living your heaven on earth.
You also need to be ready to take this step, coaching is an opportunity for some incredibly powerful work and you must be ready to step up to the challenge and make the change.  
Try this quiz to see if you are ready to work with me. Give yourself a score out of 5 for each statement, where 5 is the most true and 1 is the least true.
  • I am clear on the person I want to be and the lifestyle I want to live.
  • I am ready to identify, understand and then drop or modify the habits and choices that hold me back.
  • I will be totally honest with myself and with my coach.
  • I understand that my life is a direct result of the thoughts, choices and decisions I make.
  • I able and happy to pay for a coach as now is the right time for me to get some support and focus, I am excited about the investment in my future.
  • I can identify a gap between where I am now and where I want to be; I can already see two or three things in my life that I want to change.
  • If I feel I am not getting what I want or need from the coaching I will share this, opening a discussion to help me get what I do want and need.
  • I will keep my word without struggling or sabotaging.
  • I can be relied upon to be on time for all calls and appointments.
  • I am fully committed to learning as much as I can from each opportunity presented to me.
Score: 10-20 You're not in the right place for coaching at the moment.
Score 20-30 You're certainly coachable but we must set and commit to some ground rules from the off.
Score 30-40 You're definitely ready to be coached; if you work with me you'll make good progress.
Score 40-50 You're primed and ready to go! Ask me to demand a lot from you!