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Me aged 36.
As a teenager (13 here) I was often mistaken for an adult.


Me on holiday, aged 18. Wearing summer clothes was always highly embarrasing.

A recent full body shot.
I’m 8 here. I was always a chubby child, but from starting school my weight really began to be a problem.

My 21st birthday. I’d lost 7 stone – from over 20 stone (280 lbs) to 13 stone (182 lbs) and was overjoyed. I lost a further stone that summer.
This was taken around the time of my 18th birthday.

A windy seaside day, aged 34. Being vegan and cutting out sugar, had seen me lose weight – I was 10 1/2 stone (147 lbs) and feeling great.
A photo of a family dinner, aged 19. I weighed over 20 stone (280 lbs). This was the month I decided I wanted to lose weight.

A full body shot of me at 34, arriving  at the railway station of the town in Italy that I would call home for the next 3 years.