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Hi, I’m Alison.


I created Path Less Trodden for you; to show you how to follow your passions and change your life – just like I have.
I’ve made some amazing changes in my life, completely transforming myself in so many ways. I’ve learnt the what works and what doesn't, how to take action, what support you need and the keys to whether you succeed or fail.
Highlights of my journey so far:
Weight loss – I’ve lost nearly half my body weight, going from over 20 stone (280 lbs/127kg) to around 10 stone (140lbs/63kg)
Career – I’m pursuing my dream career. I stepped off a lucrative career path with Microsoft (where I was put amongst the top 5% of employees) because I didn't love what I did. I've built my own business doing what I am most passionate about and now work just doesn't feel like work – every day is a challenge, fulfilling and a joy.
Health – I’ve overcome debilitating muscular-skeletal issues that saw me bed-ridden, as well as removed my previous reliance on prescription drugs. I am more vibrantly healthy now that I could ever have imagined and my health has produced miracles – in 2013 I proved my doctor wrong, healing my PCOS and naturally concieving a baby.
Lifestyle – Having lived life in the fast lane and been unfulfilled by its satisfactions, I’ve crafted a simpler, more peaceful way of life that I love.
Adventures – I've travelled the world as a volunteer and then, having always loved and dreamed of moving to Italy, I left the UK in 2009 for 'La Dolce Vita' in Tuscany, where I carved a new life.
There were many points in my life where I knew I could do and be so much more, where I wondered ‘what if?’ Now I’ve transformed and live a life where every day is vibrant and inspired.
I couldn't have made these changes without the right support, and now, by doing what I love, I provide support to others. I write, speak, create online programs and am a one-on-one mentor, inspiring and guiding people to follow their own passions and change their life into the one they've always dreamed of.
Want to look in the mirror and love the person who looks back?

Let me help you make strides along your own Path Less Trodden.

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