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  1. Pierrette

    You are a warrior my dear Alison, I bow to You!! <3 <3

  2. Tom

    Alison, what a journey. What a uphill journey. You are so strong, keep going. These words, for me, are your most touching yet, thanks for sharing.

  3. Andrea Noble

    Thank you so much for your honesty! I crave this level of truth. It’s so important to know we’re not alone on this human journey. As you mentioned, there is deep sorrow and breath-taking joy every day.

  4. Linda K

    Dear Alison,
    I came to your site to find your blog about the problems you experienced with high fat raw (no longer here?), and am so sorry to read about the distressing time you have been going through, plus in admiration of your mothering and love.
    I am also a long-term, severely under-rested mother (of two teenagers, plus demanding fur baby). I also get neck lock on waking, plus crunching / cracking in my neck during the daytime, but these have completely disappeared during times when I have been all topped up with h-pylori remedies, B12 injections and enough sleep, which worked out for me some months back, until I temporarily could not afford the remedies / B12 again (currently about 3 weeks in, and it previously took 2 months to reverse). The neck lock on waking appears when I am sleep-deprived. Melatonin (i-herb) helps me to catch up on sleep when my body is so tense that sleep isn’t happening (it does not cause any drowsiness during the daytime).
    Also, if I don’t take daily, mega doses of B12 with co-factors, I wake screaming in the night with a dead limb. Five years after being dismissed by GPs with healthy blood results and looking slim and healthy, I found that h-pylori is a cause of B12 deficiency / pernicious anaemia (via, so asked for the test, which came back positive. It seems most people have it in to some degree. For you, it sounds like definitely more sleep will help you. I hope you can achieve it, and this info is helpful.
    Love and best wishes

  5. Linda Kennedy

    Hi Alison, I only just saw your reply. I’m glad you’re getting more sleep, at least. I imagine that will be a big help regarding the neck symptoms.
    I just wanted to add that all B12 tests are spoiled post supplementation within four months, the length of time it takes for a cell to renew (I understand you may or may not supplement, so this may not apply for you).
    B12 which hasn’t been absorbed at cell level is known as inactive B12, and can remain in the blood or attached to a cell, giving a falsely high B12 result, since the result does not distinguish between active and inactive B12.
    My own result has always been above the range due to supplementation (skewed result), with the doctors dismissing me.
    Doctors and even consultants are not commonly informed about B12, or that deficiency can occur even with a high blood result (recognised by medical literature). Also, medical literature recognises that the range is too vast, sometimes 111 – 1000, so GPs will tell us that anything above the minimum is healthy, despite severe symptoms experienced. The literature also states to treat by symptoms, not result. There is a lot of medical info in the files of the Pernicious anaemia / B12 deficiency facebook support group on this, thousands of members.
    See more at also, wonderful site (I am veggie, but the site isn’t).
    I hope this info might be useful for someone. B12 malabsorption is an epidemic. x

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