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If you’ve been following my story you’ll know I’ve been through the mill a bit since the birth of my son, Gabriel, 4 months ago.

The birth was wonderful, but as he grew many challenges unfolded: He needed two tongue tie operations, after 10 pain-filled weeks of trying to breastfeed I was falling apart and had to stop, then Rob and I were threatened with child protection agencies for the milk we were using and had to defend our beliefs in the most trying circumstances.

After this, I thought things were settling back to normal (or as normal as life can be for first time parents), but last month, I hurt my neck and now I can’t even hold my precious son.

I’ve always believed that pain and illness are signs, they come to us when we need to change something but we won’t let ourselves do it. It’s as if our subconscious mind knows something that we yet don’t.

That’s certainly been true at other times in my life, when my hypermobile body has ‘put a spanner in the works’ of my plans: At 18 years-old RSI stopped me going to university, later a neck injury turned my ship around, got me out to Italy and led me to Rob and last year a back injury laid me up whilst my body revealed its mighty plan to restore my fertility.

I fought against them at the time, but looking back I know I needed them to bring out my real desires, the real Alison.

And so, I’m listening to my body. It’s saying:

Alison, you need space to allow you to heal from what’s happened to you.

Alison, motherhood has made you question everything. You know there’s something bigger, deeper and wider for Path Less Trodden, something absolutely true to the woman you’re becoming and you need time and space for that to emerge.

Alison, this time is so precious, give all the energy you have to your little boy.

So I’m taking a break from Path Less Trodden for a while.

It’s a scary thing to do as my business, my love, hasn’t left my side since it was born, back in Italy in 2010. But I know it’s the right thing to do.

I’ve got loads of archive articles to share with you and a string of recipes ready up to release over the next few months, so I’ll be lining up my Dare To Dream ezines to go whilst I’m off – I’m not leaving you totally alone. I’ll be with each of you, following your own dreams, from my quiet space here, and when I emerge, we’ll connect again.

Until them, my love.



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  1. Jan


    Absolutely take the time you need! Little ones grow up so fast! I am sure you have noticed even the small day to day changes. Motherhood calls you to be present for your son. Funny how it doesn’t allow the brain time to do other things! Your baby is beautiful and so much a product of who you are! I applaud you. Take the time to BE with your son and your husband and enjoy this part of life’s journey. It’s an experience that can only be experienced NOW!

  2. Dorota

    I admire you for being so bravely honest and open about your deepest feelings.
    Coincidentally, just today I’ve seen my favourite midwife (with whom I would have had a home birth but didn’t for economic reasons I later regretted!) and she has put me back on track on what is the most important thing for me and my baby right now and how vastly important it is that in those early months my baby gets as much of her mummy as she can, literally 24h a day.
    That has put some more clarity on my going back to my work. Even though I miss it, in the perspective of the child’s whole life the first months or even a year are nothing, compared to the benefit of him/her having you always there and introducing him to this world gradually and steadily.
    By the way, even if you cannot hold your boy in your arms, keep him in a body contact with you (by your side or on top of you), as you may already know it…
    Wishing you the best times with your baby!
    With Love

  3. Julietta Cochrane

    Hi Alison

    I am quite involved with Weston A Price and have now moved away from them. I am contacting you regarding tongue tie … and specific information nutritionally around that which WAPF isn’t really addressing … nor are they addressing genetics … your journey is an interesting one …


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