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  1. Aliani

    another alternative is donated milk from other mothers – i don’t know about your area but around here there are plenty of moms happy to share their abundant milk, & there are websites to help make the connection

  2. Tom Fotherby

    I’m glad the outcome turned out as it should have done. This was a very well written and moving article, thanks for sharing. Well done for standing up in what you believe in.

  3. Meherbani

    Wahe Guru!

    What a test of your principles, faith, etc. Thank you for sharing.

    Meherbani Kaur

  4. Jane young

    I can’t stop thinking about your story – I feel so upset for you. I know we have a duty to protect babies in our society but this is ridiculous and outrageous. Well done for staying so strong. You are so right to maintain your integrity throughout.
    Love to you, Rob and Gabriel.

  5. Julia Love

    Dear Alison & Rob, You are both doing great! Gabriel is gorgeous. I believe in being truthful too. It’s sad that we live in a world where we feel we could be misunderstood from judgemental people. I admire your strength :)
    Much love
    Julia xx

  6. Melanie

    Hi Alison – wow I really do send so much love to you and your family. I love your blog posts they truly come from the heart. I love how you have followed your heart on everything in your life giving up corporate England and following your dream to Italy. The whole story of how your became pregnant and the issues you are facing to breastfeed your son. This blog post has so touched me as its so easy in life to give up and follow the masses and do what society dictates. I am not a mother and don’t know what is involved with feeding a baby. The fact that you and Rob want the best for your baby is apparently clear and I am so glad that the hospital can see this fact and you have been allowed to feed your baby the way that YOU want to. God knows you only have to switch on the news and there is always some health story in the headlines, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, lack of exercise on and on the list grows and all we do is put our heads in the sand. Fear is at the heart of so many things and it would have been so easy for you and Rob to give into the fear and backdown but you spoke your truth and I love how you did this the correct way. You did your research and gave intelligent reasons as to why you want to feed your baby that way. Sometimes life forces into corners where the facts have to do the talking and thank goodness everything worked out well for you all. Love and positive energy winging its way to you and your family. Keep doing what you are doing in every aspect in your life and your baby boy is so gonna have an amazing life learning from the both of you. Love and hugs Mel x x x

  7. lindajoy

    Hi Alison
    Thank you so much for sharing your painful story which moved me to tears. Daring to be different and living in integrity can be frightening when we come up against conventions and structures aimed at maintaining the status quo, keep us in fear and sell their products.
    I’m so glad Rob’s arguments and Gabriel’s health validated your decisions, and I m sure visualising a good outcome helped.

  8. sally

    Well done to both of you. I am truely so happy that at least sometimes the truth wins !! Bless you and your family ! <3

  9. Juliette

    What a moving story, I’m so pleased you got the outcome you both so deserve. May God bless you both and give you peace to be wonderful parents as you are. Xx

  10. Kay Hardie

    Dear Alison, I am aghast and angry to read your story about this horrible episode and am relieved and happy that the outcome was a good one and the right one. It’s truly shocking that loving, caring parents have to prove they are just that, by allowing their baby to have some un necessary and distressing medical tests performed. I wonder what would have happened if you has decided not to attend the hospital. All too often fearful, untrusting and un-informed health care professionals threaten and coerce women and families with veiled (or not so veiled sometimes!) threats of socials services, if they do not confirm or fit into the mainstream. Well done, I applaud you both. And now you can get on with the really important stuff; raising your son and living your lives healthily.
    Very best wishes Kay x

  11. Sarah

    Brilliant brave story. Thanks for sharing. Your a very inspiring person!

  12. Trish Molinari

    Hi Alison and Rob, and Gabriel: I just read your story, and am totally amazed, and in awe, at what happened and how you were able to cope with,and achieve, the outcome of the situation you found yourselves in. I have been wondering how things were with you,meaning to contact you. I feel sad that I couldn’t help you enough to overcome the breastfeeding difficulties you faced. But it seems you are now in a better place, and able to properly enjoy parenting at last. You are an amazing couple. Love from Trish Molinari

  13. Tatsiana McGee

    Alison, I have just now read this story. Such an incredibly powerful and empowering story. I am applauding you and Rob for listening to your hearts and your intuition and advocating for your precious son with such love, integrity, authenticity, bravery and unwavering commitment to your beliefs and principles. You have created such a huge shift in the world by doing that. Imagine all the people finding inspiration, bravery, strength and vulnerability to speak their truth, in the wake of what you have accomplish with your courageous act of love. What a profound space you have created for people to step into their power and stand up for themselves and their principles. The world will definitely never be the same again. Your story made me think of my childhood, when my mom had to go back to work, and since I was only 5 month old and not old enough to go to a daycare, my parents took me to my grandmother’s village 336 kilometers/210 miles away from our hometown in Belarus, for my grandmother to care for me for the next 5-6 months or so. Many times I would hear my grandmother’s stories of how she cared for me during that period of time, how she would feed me straight raw cow’s milk, cultured cow’s milk, pickles and even pig’s fat among other things. And I thrived just fine. It’s so sad how nowadays authorities make things so complicated and have us jump through so many loops in our efforts to provide best care for our children. Much love and big hugs to you, Rob and little Gabriel! Shine on and inspire on! You all are amazing!

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