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On Monday 7th April at 1.20pm I birthed the most amazing miracle into my life – Gabriel Ethan, born naturally and safely at home via the warm waters of a birthing pool.

Since then life has been turned up high: so much of EVERYTHING – joy, tears, love, amazement, challenges and gratitude.

And yet I remember, just a year ago, my absolute longing to be a mother standing side by side with my ‘reality’ – PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome and 5 years of no periods (watch my story here) – yet every day I took steps towards my dream in faith; from who I knew I really was, despite being told by the experts it wasn’t possible.

Here he is – my miracle. And he’s so REAL – I can feel his breath against my skin as I sit here typing with him snuggled to my chest in a sling. This bundle proves that, if you step bravely towards that which you love and believe in, miracles can and do happen.

baby 1

Gabriel Ethan

Gabriel Ethan

As you look at my baby boy I want to you know that you can achieve ANYTHING you desire in life. It is possible for you – have faith and be brave; take action. That way you’ll create more miracles in your life that you could ever have dreamt of.

Don’t follow the crowd.
Do what you believe in.
That’s when miracles happen.

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  1. Kathleen Holzermayr

    How absolutely wonderful for you. Enjoy your precious gift!!

  2. Kimberly Vanzi

    Congratulations he is a cutie.

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