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  1. River

    Congratulations on making the best decision for your life and also on your baby! I look forward to following your life in the direction that you are taking.
    Peace and Blessings,

  2. Lindajoy

    Thank you Alison for sharing your healing journey so openly. I’ve followed a mainly raw food diet for 9 years, and am still sticking to it most of the time, partly because I find meat and fish repulsive! But I understand the wisdom of the Weston Price diet, and I’m so glad it’s brought you such wonderful results! I know that the most important thing in dieterary health is to listen to our own bodies, as you have listened to yours x

  3. Spa

    Your life has become like a novel to me. You started out as someone that I thought at a glance might be interesting. Now I am immersed and fascinated by all of the things that you are doing and discovering.

    I am happy for you and intrigued by the amazing paths that you have decided to travel. I continue to “tune in” and to believe that step by step I can also get to my own path and place of enlightenment and discovery.

    Best to you, to Rob and to the upcoming one.

  4. Christina

    Thank you for this lovely article. I have been working on a balance between these two eating philosophies for a few years and look forward to reading more about your inspiring journey and your recipes. Congratulations on your wonderful pregnancy.

  5. Sally

    Great Alison !! I have learned a bit about the Weston A Price diet and do think, at this point in my life, that it is more balanced than totally raw. I can’t see myself doing 100% raw cause I like meat about once a month and salmon, sardines, wholemeal bread, fetta cheese and a few other good things. Feeding yourself according to how you feel is the best way to go I’m sure, as your body knows best :)
    Am following your progress with great interest – how far you have come already is amazing !!
    Love to you

  6. Linda

    I’m so glad you’re doing well. The aching legs on the vegan diet sounds like not enough protein. Ex-paleo big name, Don Matesz has current videos on it.

    Please see the paragraph about Western Price Foundation here too.

  7. Lucas

    What a beautiful article! I found this when I was searching for some information to post in response to a rather smug vegan article that neglected to remember the whole story-namely that of big corporations man-handling our food and the history of human relationships to food. It is so inspiring and lovely to read this, wonderfully written, concise, accurate, and compassionate. I hope that your view becomes a mainstay for all impassioned Earth-loving people whether vegetarian, vegan, omnivorous or otherwise!

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