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  1. Rachel Gutteridge

    Hi Alison. It’s great to read about your pregnancy journey and I’m glad you mention talking to other women who have had positive home birth stories – I was delighted to share mine with you. I had a fantastic, peaceful and drug-free home birth (also hypnobirthing). I used NHS midwives and had a great experience with them – just thought I would mention it for those readers who perhaps can’t go down the private route. You’ve done so much more research than I did and interestingly come to some of the conclusions that I have through mothering my first child. If I do have another child, for example, I will co-sleep and baby wear from birth, and forget about trying to introduce an expressed breast milk bottle. I’m also starting to use cloth nappies, and just thinking a lot more about everything a bit more rather than blithely going along because everyone else does it that way! So thanks for sharing. Motherhood is a constant learning curve…

  2. Fiona Brandt

    Hi Alison,
    I was interested in reading your post especially the paragraph ‘I am planning to care for, sleep with and transport my baby..’.
    I have 2 girls, the eldest is 2.5 years and my youngest only 5 months. I had planned routines, feeding every 3-4 hrs, cot by 7pm, self soothing etc. etc…. all went out the window on day one … as couldn’t bear to hear them cry … so I ended up demand feeeding, co sleeping, carrying on body and my littlest has never even been in a buggy! Most mornings I wake up with my husband forced to the bottom of the bed, the baby breastfeeding and my toddler having crept in in the early hours and hugging my back.
    Not only is it totally instinctive…. it’s a lot easier … esp with the 2nd child as I have no idea how I would coped otherwise – she has no routine and spends a lot of the day in a sling so I can care for my rumbunctious toddler!
    Good luck. x
    Ps… I did my yoga teacher training with Rob back in 2007 and that’s how I was linked to you through Facebook.

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