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  1. Andrea

    Beautiful. Just keep following your truth and you’ll make it wherever you are… :)

  2. Dale Anne Potter

    I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t meant to be, you wouldn’t have thought of it. You will continue to inspire and grow wherever you live. BEST wishes on the move!

  3. Miri

    Path Less Trodden has nothing to do with Italy. It’s about YOU and will thrive where ever you take it! Yes, you love it there but you can always come back to visit or live in another part of Italy after the baby is born. Your next chapter is meant to be in a new place. Very exciting. Thank you for letting us all learn WITH you.

  4. Sally Ayson

    Out of change comes growth…. Being challenged brings change…. Out of change…..

    Go forth Alison…and congrats to you both.

  5. Diana

    Path less Trodden has everything to do with you and nothing to do with Italy. Maybe Italy was required as the birthing center for PLT, just as England is required as the birthing center for your baby. I so look forward to how things roll out for you, my dearest Alison. You are one mighty special lady.

  6. sally

    All my true wishes for your future life wherever it may be. You are an amazing lady, and having a man you love on your side and love growing inside of you , is all you need to succeed. All the rest will follow you.
    All my best to you and your family

  7. Veronica

    Wow! I’m shocked and impressed!Good luck with the move.

    I’ve nominated you to a Libster award over here btw:
    If you like to be part of it, it would be fun to read your answers and info!

    Good luck with everything!

  8. Monia

    Non preoccuparti cara Alison, stai per diventare mamma e le mamme sono super-eroi: con i tuoi super-poteri saprai sempre cosa sarà gisuto fare!
    Ovviamente sto scherzando, ma solo in parte: la nascita di un figlio è un evento che sprigiona talmente tanta energia che tutti i punti di riferimento saltano. Vedrai tutto con occhi diversi, avrai esigenze diverse, bisogni diversi… stai solo attenta a rispettare semrpe le tue emozioni!

  9. Karen

    Allison: Giving up something (Italy) is just one of the many things you will “give up” or more likely “let go of” for the new being you and Rob have created. It’s not giving up as you acknowledge, it is moving on with glory and gusto.

    And after you give away your body, your sleep, sometimes even a part of your soul for a short time–18 years or so–you will start to get it all back ten fold. It comes back every day in the richest and most glorious of ways. Being a part of creating people, self sustaining, joy loving people is the greatest gift we can ever give ourselves and those people take us far beyond where we would push ourselves.

    Your writing inspires me to remember my core.

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