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  1. Megan Brown

    Hi Alison

    This is a very cool post and something I can definitely relate to!!! Technology is so alluring to me and I do love to be able to be in touch with friends, the latest news, work updates, upcoming events etc etc etc. What you rightly point out though, is: all this…at what cost.

    In the midst of a crazy period of my life a couple of years ago, I took 2 weeks off work and turned my cell phone off! A pretty drastic measure perhaps. Well, it took me about 3 days of silence before I realised that my ears were on high alert waiting for the ‘bing’ of my phone to announce another text, email, notification or call was coming through. It took me another 2 days to convince myself that this was ok and life wasn’t going to stop if I didn’t get instant updates. And then another 2 days to start using my now free time to enjoy all my other hobbies.

    My phone/ i-pad have started encroaching on my down time in the last few months and while I recognise it, I haven’t consciously done anything about it. Your post is a timely reminder to me to revisit my ‘i-everything’ boundaries and make time for the myriad of other things I love to do too!
    Thank you :)

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