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4 responses to “What 5 Things Would I Never Guess About YOU?”

  1. Sally

    I have owned a fine dining restaurant
    I have travelled the width of Russia by train
    I had the pleasure of Mel Smith’s company in my restaurant (Alias Smith & Jones and Not the Nine o’clock News fame) as well as a former Governer General’s wife and a former NZ Prime Minister
    I speak French
    I have been to the Arctic circle

  2. Liz Rotundo

    I appeared in a music video and helped to break a Guinness World record in 2012
    Llamas helped me meet the love of my life (who is human, by the way)
    I am certified in Reiki Level 1
    I went back to college full-time at age 35 to earn my BA in English
    I am taking an adult swimming class soon. I am scared, but I’m also excited to face this fear!

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