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As many of you know, I love my bicycle! And, since the weather got hot here in Italy in mid-June, I found the only way to enjoy a bike ride was to make it before 6.30 in the morning! The beauty I’ve discovered cycling this time of day has been amazing. I found a kind of routine, a couple of routes I loved and I got into a rhythm of cycling most mornings.
Then I moved. And everything changed! I felt lost without my usual, known, beautiful morning bike routes. So, I knew I had to get out there again. I’ve managed a couple of mornings this week and man, have I been rewarded!
Here’s some shots of the my new home, Castiglione del Lago, from my two wheels:
If you're not familiar with Italian, 'Castiglione' means 'castle' and 'Lago' means lake…so guess what my pictures are of?!


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  1. Stella Tickle

    It looks really beautiful here.

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