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What if, to get what you’ve always wanted, you had to give just 5 minutes of your day?
That is what Mike Dooley suggests in his book, Infinite Possibilities. I’m reading it right now.
Is that a fair swap?
I think so.
The book’s about the Law of Attraction.
The 5 minutes a day is 5 minutes spent thinking about the person that you want to become. Seeing the images of you in that life, thinking about what’s going on around you, and most importantly, feeling the things that you’d feel if that were true.
Not a bad 5 minutes, eh? I mean, you get to lie down. You can dream. You can feel good.
And in return, these things that you are thinking about will come to pass. Because, as Dooley says, ‘Thoughts Become Things’.
I’ve known about the Law of Attraction for over 6 years now…since an acupuncturist that I was seeing during a pretty rough period in my life suggested reading Ask and It Is Given.
It seemed pretty ‘out there’ back then. Just too easy. Things don’t work like that, right? You have to work, and work hard, know the right people. Things don’t just land in your lap.
That’s what I thought for a long time, but slowly, by reading more, speaking to successful people, exploring and experiencing my own life changes, I’m beginning to think there’s something in it.
And Dooley goes a long way to convincing me.
So, I decided, I’m going to give it a go.
How about you? What do you reckon? 5 minutes a day for some longed-for change?
Here’s in essence what you need to do if you fancy giving it a go too:
· Find 5 minutes in your day when you can have some undisturbed peace. I find it helpful to set an alarm when I start.
· Get comfy, close your eyes and think about something you’d like in your life. If there’s a lot you want, compartmentalise it – spend 1 session thinking about that love of your life, 1 session about your perfect job, 1 about the body you want…you get the picture.
· Imagine how the scene looks, what you do, what you say, what other people say to you and how you feel.
That’s it!
If I’ve piqued your curiosity, get hold of a copy of Infinite Possibilities. There so much practical stuff in there – explaining how the process works and how your beliefs, emotions and thoughts truly do shape your world.
I’m off to spend 5 minutes working on the vision of my stunning Tuscan farmhouse…I know it’s on its way.

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