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4 responses to “What’s My Next Step Got To Do With Yours?”

  1. Michelle

    Hi Alison, I have started taking little steps of faith, not leaps, but things are still changing for me. Instead of thinking there is no way I am ever going to get there, I’m now seeing that the little steps are paying off and I’m now starting to think, hey this is possible. Thank you for inspiring me to step onto my new path. I just need to get my weight in check and find the love of my life :). All the best Michelle

  2. Dea

    Dear Alison,
    you always were and are such an inspiration, a woman who has a vision a passion and methodically goes about the business of realizing her dreams. Because of you and our wonderful weekend together in 09 and hearing your story of how you started again in Tuscany, I left Sicily and came home. Now I am working boring temp jobs and dream of getting my social media training business and I am breaking it down into managable tasks and slowly telling myself, I think I can I think I can. We don’t speak or write often but you have influenced me profoundly and I LOVE you for it.
    Dea in Austin Tx xoxoxo

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