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  1. Carolyn Hair

    You are such an inspiration Alison! I have cleaned out my walk in pantry and removed all canned foods and unhealthy items and now only have the things I truly love. I have chia seeds, legumes, quinoa and brown rice in glass jars, vintage green glass vases and lovely serving bowls, plates and glass pitchers. I took inventory of all my pots, pans and utensils and removed everything I do not use. Now my kitchen is healthy and free of unneccesary clutter. My refrigerator contains only organic produce and I am more motivated to eat clean and live healthy. I keep fresh flowers on the counter which brings life into my kitchen and my goal is to go raw 80%. By transforming my kitchen, this will now enable me to make better food choices and help me to reach my weight loss goals. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and I look forward to implementing many more of your ideas into my new enhanced lifestyle.

  2. Theresa

    Thanks Alison for such a lovely article, my kitchen is already complete as in your article, but the stairwell – well that needed redoing, so we sanded and painted a lovely pale grey and white, i was surprised that this inspired my 13yr old daughter to spontaneously clean her room – without me prompting, asking and begging, she quite happily said ” oooh i feel like cleaning” and her room has remained lovely ever since.

    I love your inspiration
    Thank you

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