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Do you ever get that 'itsy' feeling?

You know, you feel it in your stomach. It hits you when you've had a particularly mundane day, or you've just seen some place or thing that's amazing and you'd love to be there, do that or create that.

That 'itsy' feeling is saying something, it's saying, "there's got to be more than this and I wanna do it!"

I felt that over and over again when it seemed I had everything I could ever want – a beautiful house, a well-paid, secure job, a loving husband, a fast, smooth-looking car and as much entertainment as I could handle. 

At the beginning I couldn't get my head around it – I 'had it all' and certainly wasn't the type of person who just threw all it all up in the air and ran after something that the world had told me was flippant and 'wouldn't provide for me'.

But this feeling remained and it got stronger and stronger. The more beauty I saw and was inspired by, the more evenings I returned uninspired from work, the more I tried to find distraction after distraction to quieten it down.

Soon the feeling began to be so strong that I could no longer ignore it.

I realised that I had to do something; make a change. But I knew I had to do it on MY terms, in a way that worked for me. So, I started researching, planning, talking to people. And I noticed, whenever I did this my 'itsy' feeling calmed down and I felt great! Then, I added some little baby action steps into the mix. My confidence grew as I saw actual changes happening in my world as well as the difference in how I felt.

That itsy feeling was there for a reason. It was my barometer, telling me things weren't in balance, the weather wasn't condusive to a pleasant journey, I needed to make some changes.

Your itsy feeling is there for a reason.

Follow your passions, change your life challenge:

Next time you get that 'itsy' feeling don't try to quieten it. Don't distract yourself with a night out, buying a dress, eating that Ben and Jerrys, or whatever your personal favourite distractions are. Listen to it. Feel it. Consciously think about what it's trying to tell you. Even say it out loud… 'this 'itsy' feeling is trying to tell me to….'

And then think about how you could move towards that thing in a way that works for you. Do a little research, some planning, talk to a few people. And notice how you feel when you do that.

Then, when you've done enough research, enough talking, enough planning, take a few baby steps towards that thing.

I promise your 'itsy' feeling will miraculously start to dissipate and you'll be feeling a whole lot brighter, lighter and in love with the possibilities in your life.

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  1. Elaine - Get Rawcous!

    Hi Alison, I stumbled across your site via your other blog whilst looking at some recipes. I think it is a fantastic site and very motivating! I have been having that ‘itsy’ feeling quite a bit recently, and in my heart of hearts I know it’s there because I am not giving it the attention that it needs. After reading this I feel inspired to crack on and knuckle down and work through what needs to be done, and I know that my life will take a fabulous turn for the better when I do. Often, I think we can be afraid of what that feeling might mean. Afraid of success? Afraif of failure? Or maybe it’s because we are too disorganised in the rest of our life in order to clear the way for this new change to occur. So the ‘itsy’ feeling stays until we can’t ignore it!

    Thanks for this fab post, and congratulations on all the wonderful things you have created.

    Kind regards, Elaine

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