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  1. Bill

    I do a closet clean twice a year and it is met with mixed feelings. Some are feelings of “how wonderful” to be beyond those clothes and how much I have lost since they don’t fit any longer. Then, there is that new side that relishes the new me, the new way I design my wardrobe. It’s rewarding and thrilling to see the changes and take a few moments to take in what I have done over the last six months or so.

    My life is similar, in that, I take inventory of where I am, what I’m doing and how beneficial it is for my life? I have toss out old habits and replaced with new rewarding habits (1 change at a time). Each time I assess my life, I’m amazed at much I have grown since the last inventory check. For example, I juice everyday and look forward to the juice drink. I also love the favors of mixing veggies together and what combination comes from it. I mix together 2-3 beets, 1 pear and small amount of ginger, and WOW, what a combo and this drink making me happy every time! Seriously, I have 2-3 times a week because I enjoy the taste so much. I take samples to work and pass them around to people trying to get them excited about their life.

    Lastly, let me say that I can begin, barely seeing spring coming! Winter is still has its power but I can feel a renewed strength coming down the road. Life will be gin to be recreated with the promise of new life, new changes, getting outside more and enjoying the landscapes in my area.

    To your health,

  2. Kat

    good thoughts to reflect on. definitely useful+beautiful and you know what, I think I’ve narrowed down on what things to focus on and what things to let go off (in my work). weight off my chest is one of the best feelings :)

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