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  1. corinna

    as soon as I am back from my vacation, I intend to make sculptures from paper pulp. no, I have never done it before.
    you are absolutely right: if I wait with those things until all my ‘shoulds’ are out of the way, then my life may very well be over!

  2. Gina

    Boy, this is a tough one. Everything I do is for some reason….eating to lose weight, yoga to lose weight, walking to lose weight…but none of them are for the pure joy. i can’t even think of anything I do for pure joy and i can’t even think of something to do that WOULD give me pure joy. but i’m intrigued by the thought of it, so i’m going to ponder this and see if i can come up with something. :)

  3. Janine Lattimore

    Great article Alison. Like Gina many of us are so caught up in doing the ‘have to’s and ‘should’s that we struggle to even think of something that gives us pure joy. There is an Italian phrase: l’arte di non fare niente – the art of doing nothing. I suspect this practice is part of the reason for the famed good health of Mediterranean people.

    Thinking back to what you enjoyed as a child is a good suggestion for helping us to re-connect with our passion. I try to let go and join my children in their innocent delight with the world whenever I can.

    And my pure joy? Small moments – 5 minutes to sit in the sun and just breathe, enjoying an ice cream with my daughter, laughing at life with my husband, buying something just because it will bring some beauty into my life, singing to my baby boy, relaxing in a bath

  4. Gina

    I thought of something that gives me joy! coming home, opening the door, and having my little dog Vinnie greet me with all his enthusiasm. That lights me up no matter what. :)

    Thank you Alison for the suggestion to think of things I did as a child. I never thought of doing that…and as I sit and ponder, I realize I didn’t have a lot of joy growing up because I had an alcoholic father and lived a lot of my younger years in terror. But I totally get the spirit of what you’ve said and so I’ll continue to think back on my past when I can recall moments of joy and use those to springboard into new things.

    This has give me so much to think about. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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