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So far this year, as well as all the inspiring 30 Day content I’ve been creating to help your towards your top goal, I’ve also been focusing on my own 2012 goals – there’s no better time to set intentions than the beginning of the year. Visiting my family back in the UK for Christmas has given me some all-important perspective.
For me, 2011 was about building foundations. I started the year with my old website, a full time teaching job and a head full of ideas for how I wanted my business to look and feel. Step by step, I built up my foundations: I completed and passed my Raw Food Coach training (and am now a Karen Knowler recommended Raw Food Coach), I designed and consulted over the emergence of my new website, I documented my fabulous ‘7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams’, I started inspiring with Dare to Dream and I spent many happy hours in the kitchen concocting healthy raw recipes! Come September, I drastically reduced my teaching hours so I could focus on serving you through Path Less Trodden.
So, to 2012: I returned to Italy after Christmas again with a head full of ideas30 days about to kick off, a detox and weight loss program planned for the Spring, lots of possible joint ventures in the offing and my  dream of making the perfect Italian retreat much closer to reality. I’m so excited, both for me, who knows what could happen, and for you, as I’ve got so much up my sleeve this year!
Events over Christmas made it plain to me what my priorities for 2012 should be and I’ve set my intention, so I’m clear on where I want to be: My theme for 2012 is flow, balance & fun (fun, fun)!  I intend to meet the opportunities the world sends in my direction with acceptance and consciously go with them. I intend to surf my way to a great balance of my work life, home life, and social life. And most importantly, I intend to have some serious fun!
I look forward to sharing this exciting year with you.

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