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One of the coolest things about a good relationship is intimacy. Whether it’s your partner or your best friend, sharing the nitty-gritty, being laid bare, exchanging the good and the bad and knowing each other inside out, although initially daunting, are ultimately essential ingredients to a fulfilling and happy relationship.

Intimacy is a vital part of ANY successful relationship, including the one that you have with your money.
If you want to be happy with your finances you’ve gotta get intimate with them! Know their comings and goings, face the good and the bad (and, potentially, the ugly), see them as there are.
Because, when you REALLY know about your money you’ll be able to make it work for you. If you don’t know what’s going on with your bank account, in your purse, down the back of the sofa and with your credit cards you’ll NEVER be able to have an open, honest relationship with your dollars, pounds or euros. And without that open, honest relationship with money you’ll never feel totally happy.
If you are committed to improving your relationship with money, you’ll find step 1 of my Finance Intimacy Guide useful:
1.   Make a date:
Set aside a good length of time to get intimate with your finances. Put that date in your diary.
2.   Set the scene:
Go out and buy a filing system that will house all your paperwork. Make it your favourite colour. Find a space to put these files.
3.  Get prepared:
Get hold of all the paperwork you have for your finances. Remember to include credit cards, bank statement, loans, other commitments, pension and your savings. 
4.   Get stuck in:
First, sort the paperwork into piles for each area and then into date order. Then, throw away anything irrelevant – old envelopes, the seventh copy of the bank’s terms and conditions, that marketing bumpf. Finally, using your new files, organise each set of statements in a way that works for you.
5.   Make it regular:
Intimacy can’t be one off; it needs to be a continuous thing. Look at your weekly schedule and set a short amount of time aside each week to update these files. Once you’ve set up this system, you’ll be faced with perhaps 10 minutes of sorting every week as opposed to hours a couple of times a year (preceded by weeks of dread!).
With this intimacy, you invite so many possibilities into your world around your finances. You’re clear, knowledgeable and can make informed, swift decisions.
Check back often, I’ll be writing step 1 of my Finance Intimacy Guide soon…

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