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Ready for a career change?

The most important thing to do first is take stock of where you are. Understanding how things are for you at work right now helps highlight what you like and what you want to change. It'll illuminate the path to where you want to be as well as helping ground you – so you can really push off in the direction of your dream job!
This process collates with step 1 of Path Less Trodden's '7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams':
Feel the Grass Beneath Your Feet
Taking the time to take a look at your work situation now becomes the first step of moving your forward towards the career of your dreams.
Try this:
1 – Grab a pencil and notepad and find a new page. Take each of the areas below in turn and make notes about how they show up in your job right now and how you feel about it.
Environment – What's it like where you work? Think about the location, the building, the transport, office layout, working conditions, size of business. What's good and bad for you in your environment?
Rewards – What's your pay? Are you earning an amount that reflects your unique skills? What benefits do you receive? Remember to include any pension, insurance, discounts, lunch provisions, heath centre, holidays and sick pay. How is your good work celebrated?
Industry – What industry do you work in? What do you think about that industry?
Hours – What hours/days do you work? Do you work overtime? How do you feel about that? Do you take work home?
Colleagues – Do you work independently or with a team? What are your colleagues like? Is the personal working environment conducive to your best work? How are communication channels? Are knowledge and responsibility shared?
Routine/Tasks – Is your job the same every day or varied? What do you do, and what proportion of your day do you spend doing it? What skills do you use? Do you like your work routine? What level of responsibility do you have?
Self-development – What training or self-development work have you done in you career recently? What is your opinion and your company's opinion on training?
2 – Divide a new page into two columns. Title the first column – 'the things I like' and the second column 'the things I don't like'. Using the notes you made for step 1 and anything else that comes up make a list on the left of the things you like about your job – things that you'd love to have some of in your dream career. Then move to the right-hand column and list the things that are part of your work now that you don't want to play a part in the future.
When we're in a job that we are not happy with, we tend to think 'if only I could get out' and perhaps end up just replacing one role that's not right for us with another (I know, I've been there). It's helpful to remember that a perfect role is comprised of many, many different things that all work together to make the job made for us!
If you've completed this exercise you're now much more informed as to what to look for and what to avoid as you begin your quest for that dream job.
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