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Having just spent two weeks with friends who've given the last few years of their life building a house using mainly their own hands and skill swaps, I am reminded that money – that thing that is now a commodity in its own right – is actually just a way to put value on something.
Money = Value
How much you pay for something = How much you value that thing
Or, at least, that is how it should be.
Instead, it's easy to forget what money actually stands for, easy for it to be whizzed out of our account by direct debit before you've even noticed what happened, and then easy not to even look at the bank statements. You begin to forget what you are exchanging your money for.
I suggest you should feel great about all the money that leaves your hands – knowing that you truly value what it brings into your life.
Do you know what value you are exchanging your money for?
Do you feel great about where your money is going?
If not, don't fear, it's easy to change. As always the first step is awareness; become aware of where your money is going:
  • Open and look at that bank statement every month
  • Go online, and look at all your direct debits – familiarise yourself with what's leaving your account every month
  • Try taking all your 'spending money' out in cash – it's amazing how much more you think about things when the notes and coins are passing through your hands
Want to balance out the value you are placing on things in your life through your money?
Try this coaching challenge:
Buy a small notebook. For a week, keep it with you and note down everything you spend money on, no matter how small. At the end of the week, put it all into a spreadsheet – categorise it with headings such as clothes, food, entertainment etc. Total the columns up. Do the amounts there represent the amount of value you want to give those things in your life?
Extension: If this feels good, have a go at doing it for a month, and add in all your bills. This will really give you some perspective on what you are valuing – remember; you are putting in work time to earn the money so that you can value these things!

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