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Hi y'all! I've just returned from my 2 week trip to visit friends in Stamping Ground, Kentucky.

What a place! It's the space, and loads of it, that hit me, a 'green' European, almost immediately; rolling hill after hill, woods, farms, grasslands. We stayed out of the city, where most people live in a place with a substantial amount of land – and I mean substantial; 50-300 acres.

It's a completely different way of life – we stayed in a self-built wood house, an hour away from the shops, no mobile coverage, in the midst of animals.

The noise of the insects at night was deafening. The taste of the home-grown peppers was amazing. The preparations before walking to avoid chigger bites were laborious. The peace on the deck was inspiring.

The most enjoyable parts of the trip for me were meeting such hospitable people and getting involved in music-making. We went to many jam sessions with local players. My partner, being a musician, was in his element. I did a little singing and even played the wash-board!

Small me in that big space; a creek at Floracliff nature reserve

Jam at Jim's; Rob's on guitar at the front of the shot
It's amazing how everything we do can provide eye-opening opportunity and lessons for us to learn. I love the idea of placing that knowledge in our rucksack as we journey on, it informing our next steps.
So, what's going in my rucksack, post Kentucky?
I saw a different way of living – isn't that what travel's all about? I saw a beautiful, inspiring home which got me excited about the space I want to create out in Italy. I re-enforced how important creativity is to keeping me sane. I realised how peaceful life can be without my PC and gained some perspective (much needed after 6 months developing a new website!). The value of community really hit me and I understand that's been missing in my first two years in Italy.
So, I return home with new impetuses. To make time for creativity, to dream about my Italian home, to seek out new connections, and to not live on my PC.
Having said that, I think it's about time I shut down this Dell and took a look at the English countryside – only another 2 weeks of it before I head back to bella Toscana…

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