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  1. Kate Brown

    Hi there! Firstly, your article is wonderful and very inspiring- I have been suffering from strange pain for the past 3 years, which had doctors so mystified that I wasn’t diagnosed with Marfan’s until about 2 weeks ago. I had never had pain associated with HMS until I underwent a rapid weight loss during a very stressful period, and then my body exploded with inflammation and I experienced a rapid-fire of injuries, all tendon related, within the coming months. Now, at 22, I have difficulty with most daily movement, unless I’m completely relaxed or very concentrated. Things have “settled” down considerably, and I have a done a lot to change my diet, but not having undergone allergy testing and not having a lot of money, I often fall back into buying foods that contain soy, small amounts of wheat and dairy. I also eat meat daily, although I try to eat organic meat and no dairy, because I finds I feel very weak if I don’t eat meat. Then again, I have never tried a raw diet! How were you able to do this in a way that allowed you to incorporate all of your bodies’ daily nutritional needs? Do you take supplements? Did you find it helped with tendinitis (as strength built)-this is my main problem along with super tight muscles, especially around my neck, chest, shoulders and throat- did you find it impacted your social life (going out, family, friends, etc.?) I’m sensitive about my eating issues, given how overweight I was, and have felt very disincluded during the times I changed my diet, which was difficult for me to the point where I just wouldn’t eat with friends or would eat what they were eating…..any suggestions? WOW! What a comment, eh?
    Thank you for any help!

  2. maliheh hayati

    thank u dear for ur suggestions,

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