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Tuesday July 5th 2011Wednesday August 3rd 2011
Do you have 1 thing in your life that you're ready to change?
Want to commit to making that change in 30 days?
Looking for support, structure and encouragement to help you do just that?
If so, my next 30 Days 2 Change 1 Thing programme is perfect for you.
You can read all the details here:
30 Days 2 Change 1 Thing is a focussed, high-energy programme that'll give the one thing you're desperate to change a turbo-boost! It's designed for your success, to catapult you into a new version of yourself where the thing you most want to change has become your exciting new reality. If you're serious about change and you're ready to show the world who you really are this is the programme for you!
Hoping to see you there!

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