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  1. rejane boeira

    I also love cycling and I am staying for a month in Florence (trying to learn a bit of Italian) so am looking for cycling routes but don’t feel like going on a guided tour. So I came across your blog – which, by the way, it’s really inspiring – and I though that I could ask you for tips about where to cycle along the Reno river. I have to hire a bike though, as I’ve left mine back in London, so any tips concerning to hiring, etc, will be very welcome.
    Thanks a lot,



  2. rejane boeira

    Just a correction here: river ARNO no Reno. Scusi.

  3. rejane boeira

    Hi Alison,

    Thanks for your kind reply. I’m thinking about taking a bike from Florence and going towards Empoli, but dont’ know for how much long can cycle on this TOO hot weather. Anyway, I know there’re places to stay along the way, like San Donnino and other villages, so I might just stop and spend the night at a B&B and come back the next day. Yes, I am attending Instituto Il David scuola de italiano, which is being really fun, although a bit challeging, considering my my poor italiano….
    Anyway, I’ve got one more week to go and then I’ll go around Italy for another 2 weeks before returning to London.

    I really like your blog as in some ways I feel related to… Like you did, I’m searching for something new as I feel that my life is not going in the way I’d like to be… Came to Italy to try and see things in a diferent perspective and although I still haven’t found the answers I’m looking for, I am glad to be here and to be away from my life in the UK. Sadly, on September I’ll have to go back and try to pick up where I’ve left there (including a marriage and a house/mortgage, etc). But I am confident that something good is awaiting for me, even if I don’t know exactly what it is…
    Sorry for writing all this to you, but the things that you wrote have really touched me.
    Good luck with your life in Italy.

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