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7 responses to “Broccoli & Tahini Heaven”

  1. Tom

    wow, looks (and sounds) amazing!!!

  2. Bridget

    I made this lovely salad last night for me and my husband and we both thought it was great .. thank you for all your fantastic recipies I will be trying some more.

    I am teetering on the edge of raw at the moment and have just purchased an Excalibur dehydrator so there’s quite a bit of experimenting with this at home at the moment … thanks for the tips :)

  3. Linda

    Thanks Alison! Absolutely beautiful!

    I didn’t add the oil to the dressing because I’m a fan of keeping foods in their “whole state”. There was enough from the tahini anyway. The tahini by the way was so fresh! I bought it only 1 day after it had been made!

    Query about food combining though….Have you heard much about how fat and sweet fruit should be avoided being together in the one meal?

  4. Linda

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