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6 responses to “How to Juice without a Juicer”

  1. jeannine

    Great post, i am going to try this with a hand blender??, i hate cleaning my bulky, plastic juicer, and i shall feel much more inclined to use the pulp in things if it has been strained thru some muslin -thanks!

  2. Mercedes

    Can I use a strainer? I don’t have muslin or nut milk bags.

  3. Zita

    I have tried the tight and it was too springy to me. Couldn’t squeeze the juice out properly. :( Will try next time with muslin. Have you tried make orange juice this way?

  4. Rob

    Mercedes, I’ve just tried it with a flour sieve (as it was all I had!) and Alison is right. You get some of the pulp out but some does make it through and the juice is quite thick. I’m off to buy some muslin and see what happens. I have also been wondering about a piping bag with a muslin plug…

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