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  1. David

    I’m not sure it is as much “forcing” yourself to accept who your boyfriend really is, as it is accepting yourself in a conscious way — even when you see parts of yourself you don’t like. Usually we don’t accept others because we don’t accept parts of ourselves. This is logical: since we don’t accept ourselves, accepting others makes our world unfair. So when you don’t accept another, this probably points to something you would be wise to work on in accepting yourself.
    Of course I think you’re right: how useless it is to not accept someone else since there is no way you could change that person even if you wanted to.
    How useless it also is to try to change yourself: you’re are either yourself for all your life or you don’t exist. You can’t change yourself.
    What you can do is keep walking on the path towards your sacred-self — you can get closer to yourself — but for that you should keep walking on the path of your own acceptance. That doesn’t mean you should absolutely accept yourself or else…, it only means getting on the path towards that destination. It is being a pilgrim headed towards a destination. But even if you don’t get there the journey is still rewarding…
    There one thing I don’t “like” in the prayer you quote above: it talks about “granting”. Granting is like being teleported to destination. Ask any pilgrim, she’ll tell you that there is nothing is like the journey — though it feels great when you arrive at the destination.
    So in my opinion, the important thing to do is get on the path of your own acceptance. When you don’t accept another person in some way, use that as a way to help you advance on your own acceptance. The more you work on your own acceptance, the easier it gets to naturally accept others —
    This point of view is inspired from Karl Jung’s concept of the “shadow” — one book I love is Dave Richo’s “Befriending the shadow” — you can get it on his home page, and even before that you can download the summary of his works “human becoming”. This is NOT an advertisement. I’ve loved discovering this blog this evening (for the raw diet, the barefoot running, your attitude towards your health difficulties and the general attitude you have towards life) — and just wanted to share. No advice intended.
    Kind regards
    david broman

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