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3 responses to “Italian Bounty #1 – Prickly Pears”

  1. Dea

    Awesome! Thank you for mentioning Enrico:) He was really pleased :)
    Lots of love, your friend Dea in Marsala xoxo

  2. Elena Kjaersdam

    Hi Alison!

    This is Elena Kjærsdam from your RFC 2 group. This video
    reminded my of Cecilien (sorry, danish spelling) where
    we were on short vocation in Sep-Oct this year. Yes, I have
    seen those fruits all over Cecilien and tasted them too!
    They are great and come in very different colours. Local people called them just kaktus, maybe for the sake of tourists. I just cut them in four and scouped with the
    spoon. But, yeah, seeds are on the way, I would say. Anyway, that was fun. I never thought I would come to eat
    a kaktus.

    Best regards,

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