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  1. Dea

    Excellent post Alison, o

    you explain yourself so well and lay everything out in a systematic manner. I agree with you, more greens, more sprouts and eating dried fruit on special occasions with others is a great action plan.
    Miss you, xo Dea.

  2. Annette Litting

    It was very interesting to read about your experiences Alison, thankyou for sharing all of this. I agree that sugar even in the form of fruit can have a powerful effect on the body. Although I love to make raw cakes I do not feel very good if I eat too much of something that includes any dried fruit such as dates and need to limit these foods to an extent. It was interesting to read about the links between PCOS and blood sugar – I have read a lot about this before. As I suffered from gestational diabetes in both my pregnancies I am well aware of how sweet foods can affect the body and still realise my body is very sensitive to them. Your diet plan sounds good – I agree it is very hard to live with no fruit. You seem to be very much in touch with how your body is responding to the different foods you eat. Good luck with it all.

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