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  1. Stella

    I should have said I liked the music played during the running for trees marathon. I’d recognise that trumpet anywhere.

  2. Rob


  3. Dea

    Excellent video Alison, so easy to watch, detailed, and well linear, not confusing. You stay on message, great editing too… Chi Running, sounds like my next book on the list!

    Oh btw I have a friend rawdorable.blogspot dot com who published and sold quite a number of a raw cupcake recipe ebook, one of the reasons she was able to sell her recipes was becuase she had them scattered around in different posts on her blog, the ebook gave the option of all her reccies in one spot. So food for thought eh? While there’s something to be said for having them all centralised on a particular page on yr site..not having them centralised could be a reason to later publish a book. :)
    So excited, I have 2 platefuls of oat sprouts, we will be having sprouted oatmeal tomorrow, with banana and cinnamon and thinking of you! Send me your address, for the cellphone! xoxo D.

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