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3 responses to “Spicy Carrot & Cauliflower with Smooth Cashew Cream & Zingy Fig Chutney”

  1. Tom

    This was the first home-made raw food dish that I have ever tried. It blew me away! I didn’t expect such a complex flavour from raw food. Yummy.

  2. tringyokel

    Yay! I’ve tried this tonight – or rather a version of it as I didn’t have all the ingredients you named. Also, I never measure things out properly so it can be quite an adventure sometimes.

    Bad points –

    I didn’t make enough of the cashew cream so the layer was a bit thin.

    I did not have any mint so probably missed out on a good flavour here.

    The cauliflower layer was a bit too “powdery”. Don’t know how else to describe it. Probably not enough oil – I used hemp seed oil, would that make a difference?

    Good points –

    The colour combinations. You enjoy this dish well before any of it reaches your mouth.

    First time I’ve had figs. Won’t be the last.

    It goes without saying the taste is superb.

    It didn’t really take all that long to prepare though it was a bit more fiddly than my normal dishes.

    Thanks for this.

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