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  1. Stuart Porter

    Excellent video Alison, very clear and well presented. Thanks for sharing this. I’m very interested to hear how Rob progresses and if he manages to train beyond his old running problems (i.e. with his knee).

    You should give running a go too. If you can raise your heart rate and get out of breath for 30 minutes then it makes you feel fantastic! It’s the icing on the cake in regard to health.

    Kind regards, Stuart

  2. Dea

    Hi Alison,
    wasn’t it a great read? I read it in 3 nights, listened to it actually. The audio book is read by Chrstopher McDougall and he is an awesome narrator and has a great voice. I will by a pair of Vibrams when I go home to the US at Chrsitmas. Ok so I just wanted to leave you a comment, I am not working this week, so I have lots of time. I will go and watch the video you and Rob made now.
    Take care xoxo

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