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  1. Rob

    I just wanted to mention: I’m Alison’s boyfriend and I I did 5 days of the juice feast with her. I was useful for carrying vegetables and sharing the juicing but really I never, ever would have done this on my own. So thank you to my darling Alison for providing the get-up-and-go to do this and for finally converting me to juice. My favorite now is apple, romaine lettuce and lime (and I mean lots of lime)!

    I’ve learned a lot about my appetites this past week but the feast has also coincided with several major changes in other areas of my life. They are all related in some wacky new age way I guess…

    I juiced twice today. I’ve owned a juicer of one sort or other for about 7 years and have not done that before! On the other hand my nut and dried fruit cravings are back for the first time in months… They’re rather more moderate and reasonable than they used to be though so maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

    To the readers of this fine blog, good luck with your juicing endeavors!


  2. Dea

    Hi Alison,
    I juiced for 92 days, well really 102 days, because I slipped and started again…and wow, I can relate so much to what you write here. I had heightened senses, heightened emotions, I detoxed physically, emotionally, and mentally. I rebuilt some parts of my body… this is when I was vibrating so high that it scared me. Overall if I were to do it again, I would probably not juice much past the 40 day mark, as it’s hard to keep juicing and working and dealing with every day life.
    Juicing is expensive, I agree, I was extremely fortunate as I had the organic fruit and vegetable warehouse I go to at my disposal, so I would just drive there load a couple of cases of what I wanted and what the had and that was it! I can’t imagine doing it without a car, you deserve a badge of some sort for that! Kudos to you! :) Dea

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