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9 responses to “Satay-Style Butternut Noodles”

  1. Stella

    This looks really delicious Alison. I wonder if we can have something like this in August when we meet.

  2. Jessica

    I’ve been doing the 80 10 10 diet.. how does this recipe digest for you? I have such trouble digesting so many things….

    Looks delicious though…

  3. Mary

    hi, I’d find it helpful if you put how many people the quantity is for at the top of the recipie. I made this and then realised I’d be eating two people’s worth if I chomped through all of it- I though it looked like quite a lot. oops.

  4. Raw food supper

    […] of my weight issues and because of Chloes herniated disk) so Chloe cooked prepared a recipe from a friend of ours who only eats raw food! […]

    (excerpt from a blog post referencing this recipe:

  5. Hazel

    Love the look of this – will try it – of course spaghetti squash would work even better if you could find one.
    Where do you get fresh coriander? (at this time of the year?)
    And where do you get the baby sweetcorn?
    Finally, Tahini – discuss. What are the benefits of tahini? I have it, but don’t even know why!!!

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