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  1. Dea

    Hi Alison,
    I am back to day 1 of my juice fast, had to give up lastnight cause I went to a birthday party, a 3 hr sit down affair… no worries I have time. Today working out was harder because as I had been juicing my muscles and joints were loosening up and I was more flexible today I felt stiffer… but I am drinking greens again and it feels good.
    Re the melons, I am doing green juice for now but they do have the most luscious, scented, juicy amazing melons ever here and so many different kinds.
    Hope you had a nice week and I wish you a lovely weekend xo Deika.

  2. Dea

    Hi Alison,
    so you go back to the UK but then you’re coming back or this was a temporary assignment?
    So glad you enjoyed your time in Italy, they really do have amazing produce don’t they?

    As to the excercising, its similar to yoga and pilates, but its more calinsthetics and plyometrics, using your weight as leverage. I have thought about this and the reason I am almost 230 lbs, up from 205 this winter and the reason I am in the 200 range at all is about self loathing. I need to work on myself on the inside and the outside will follow.
    I have been doing some inner self love work lately and out of this came the juice fast, initially it was going to be a mater cleanse but I’d be too weak as I would be excpected to work, and cook and clean etc.. no break so I changed it to a juice fast, I am easing my way into it, whenever I feel tempted to nosh… I allow myself a sweet fruit smoothie…yesterdays apricot, coconut, apple juice, was soo good it was almost pudding like…as it goes one I am going to phase some of these cups of sweet smoothies out and do hard core green juicing. This is how I went raw, juice for a while and then tranisitioned to chopped salads and shakes afterwards. I do hope you will come and visit me while I am still in Sicily there are cheap flights from London on Ryan Air too, its nice here well into October, please think aobut it. Take care and lots of love xo Dea

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