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3 responses to “Ripe Bananas”

  1. tringyokel

    I've never been to the tropics but I do like my bananas to be spotty!
    Strange, but most people I know prefer them to be bright yellow.  I'm considered a bit unorthodox (posh word for weird) but it does mean I get given some lovely ripe fruit when others are about to throw them out.
    I find the worse bit is when they are starting to give off that lovely aroma, which fills my kitchen, but I still need to leave them for a while.  It takes an effort to resist them.
    Thanks for an interesting website.

  2. Linda

    and also, apparently, they are easier to digest/assimilate when they are really ripe because the starch (in bananas that aren’t quite ripe…or are just nearly ripe) has not yet been converted to sugar that the body can use :-)

    so….bananas like in your pic are the best for us!

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