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  1. Loreta

    Yes, your body can survive without food for a long time. I know that:)  It's strange that you were feeling weak after 5 days of fast. I was having an energy rush on the fifth – sixth days. Hope you're doing well!!!

  2. Stella

    I have always been interested in the concept of fasting. When I was a child, born into a jewish family, we were expected to fast one day a year on Yom Kippur for repentance. Generally, my family found this too difficult to do (surely one would faint without food for a whole day) though Dad was told to do it. But I found it relatively easy and without knowing quite why, I felt positive about doing it.
    As an adult, I have fasted for 2 or 3 days at a time for various reasons (eg stomach bugs). In recent years, I fasted for about 3 days without undue difficulty. What is worrying and contrary to what one might expect, the longer I go without food, the less I want to begin eating again. Consequently I have a small fear of becoming anorexic.
    Due to increasingly severe health problems largely/partly? as a result of long term drug use for systemic lupus, I would like to fast ‘properly’. But if one is working, it is not possible and also I am a little wary of coming off all drugs for longer than a few days. I have also wondered if it is worth fasting for just a few days. However I am thinking that it may now be possible as I am on full time sick leave, (and with a little supervision) may be I could manage it for 5 days as you did.
    So looking forward to seeing you again Alison (and your partner).
    P S I lost the whole of the above the first time as I was trying to put in a picture of me.

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