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  1. dea

    Wow, what an amazing experience! It almost feels like you visited people like the ones that are described in the Anastasia series by Vladimir Megre.
    I think we can aspire to grow old and be healthy, old age does not mean being decrepit and chronically ill. I think people like you and I who take personal responsability for our health are on the right path. You know Sicilians are really long lived and my husband's dad and his brothers are all octogenerians, they have gardens, live on their own, drive, manage their affairs. Some of them are on medication, and there are some life style related health issues, but its because of how they chose to live in these last 2 decades, driving, eating lots of starches. Enrico's grand parents (Enrico's my husband) all lived well into their 90's and were very dignified and active right til the end. Sicilians generally eat lots of greens, lots of bitter greens, very little meat, and above all they walk, tend their orchards, fruit trees and sprawling country houses, this keeps them young. Ciao cara so glad to have found your blog and that I'm able to communicate with another like minded person. A presto xo D.

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