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  1. Dea

    Hi Alison,
    so glad to have found your blog, I never checked on yr fb profile if you had a blog.
    I am so glad that the 80/10/10 rv diet is working for you. I got to hear Dr. Graham speak at a raw food event in Arizona 2 years ago.  I tried it and it was too much sugar. Long term, some folks have health problems associated with a high fruit high sugar diet, but others are delighted with it, so whatever works right.
    After 2 years of eating a high raw diet, I have had to incorporate some cooked legumes and raw dairy.  I feel so much better, when I eat some steamed squash, or a baked red potato, or I have some raw organic milk fresh cheese (local)  and I can't tell you how much better I feel now. Again personal choices. The reason I have started to incorporate some raw cheese, raw eggs, and some steamed veggies is because I feel a lot more grounded now. I felt weak, spacy and dizzy a lot when I was 100% raw vegan. I didn't feel bad all the time, there was a time I felt good but slowly I began to feel more and more quesy, more dizzy, and spaced out… memory problems, headaches. So this is what works for me now:
    Tons of salad, especially chopped veggie salad – raw

    Green shakes – with some fruit but mostly dark leafy greens – try makng your green shakes/smoothies with green juice as a liquid base for extra oomph, vitamin and nutrient content :)

    Home made Kefir – raw organic goat milk (which I can find) and coconut milk (from a can)
    some raw milk yoghurt
    some raw milk cheese


    Occasionally baked or steamed sweet potato
    Occasionally I eat lentil stew or bean stew
    If I'm out I eat a salad, and if it gets awkward and people are teasing me, making rude comments which happens here I'll order some seafood, shrimp, squid etc.. and then simply green juice or water fast the next 2 days to cleanse. I wish I was strong enough to withstand the relentless and withenring comments I get from friends and family here regarding my own personal food choices but its non stop..I refuse to gunk up my system with pasta, pizza , rice, chicken, meat or fish..but I've been eating a mostly raw diet since April 07 and this balance is what works for me. The only disappointment is that weight loss has been up and down and I'm definately on the upside now which gives me Italian frenemies (haha just kidding) a reason to give me a hard time. I'm convinced that I'm 10 times healthier than they are…my skin, youthfulness, flexibility and healthy bowls attest to that..but still its a challenge. Thanks sorry if I over shared here, I love your blog, please keep writing. Ciao bella xo Dea


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