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  1. kerri

    ditto…our FAV…come to the US and I'll stock you up!!!

    we also now use it to do all our stir fry, etc, just in case ya get the itch to do a lite flash cooking…it;s THE best oil as it doesn't break down under heat

    continue to LOVE your site!   xox

  2. kerri

    oh, and there's a source in Atlanta for extra virgin, organic coconut oil for $10.99 USD for a GALLON!  come visit, we'll pay for your trip!


  3. Caroline Cain

    Totally love coconut oil!! As you say, a little bit of paradise every day, love those tropical smells. The fact that it has some natural sun protection in it makes it even more wonderful, especially as a summer time moisturiser. Although, I must say that I have a close rival (or perhaps equal) to coconut oil for my face: Argan oil from Morocco. It has a very soft feeling to it, like spreading a little silk on your skin.

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