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  1. Dana Lynn

    just wondering about light brown hair… well sort of a strawberry blond… and it definitely has blond in it… any product for that you can recommend?

  2. kat

    Does any one know any more shops which sell henna pluss colour powder I need some golden blond, hazelnut and dark brown in a hurry. Any shops in London? Thanks

  3. kat

    How odd I just looked on their site but couldn’t find Henna Plus on it so rang customer service getting an Indian guy on the line who said he’d never heard of it?

  4. kat

    I also emailed customer services twice with my enquiry but no response as yet?

  5. vicky

    Use Cassia – go to / to know more…. i’ve had great results using their tips

  6. Maria

    I could buy the product over Amazon…

  7. Amanda

    I have eczema and I am allergic to hair dye so Henna is the only hair color I can use as it doesn’t contain any peroxide. I have some gay hairs so I use the Henna to hide the gays. It works well as I have black most people think the red streaks are highlights and it hides the gray which is the important think. I have never used John Bella and Croydons henna. One question-can you apply it to dry hair or will the color not take so well?

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